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Tender Notice about Construction works


Invitation for Bids
Government of Nepal
Ministry of Local Development
Aanbookhaireni Municipality

Aanbookhaireni Municipality Office, Tanahun
Invitation for Bids

(Notice No: 02/073/74)
First date of Publication: 2073/09/08 (23rd Dec 2016)

1. The Government of Nepal, Ministry of Local Development,Aanbookhaireni Municipality, Aanbookhaireni Municipality Office, Tanahun Invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the execution of Work given in the table below.
2. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at Aanbookhaireni Municipality Office, Tanahun during office hours .
3. A complete set of bidding documents may be purchased by the interested eligible Bidders from the office stated above on
submission of a written application to the office mentioned above, attached with duly attested copies of Bidder's registration, VAT registration and Tax clearance certificate (valid for Fiscal Year 2072/73), joint venture agreement (in case of JV) and upon, payment of a non-refundable fee as mentioned within the 16:00 hour on or before 2073/10/07. Bidder’s representative who.wishes to purchase the Bid Documents shall furnish Identity letter issued by the authorized person of the firm or Joint Ventures.
4. The purchased Bidding document shall be duly filled up and sealed in an envelope addressing to the office mentioned above
indicating contract number, description of works, name of the Bidder’s firm or JV and its address and the bid must be submitted to Aanbookhaireni Municipality Office, Tanahun on or before 12:00 hour of 2073/10/08.The Bids will be opened physically on the same day at 13:00 hour in the presence of the Bidders’ representatives, who choose to attend in person. Absence of any or the Bidders’ entire representatives choose shall not hinder the opening of the Bids. The accepted bids shall be opened at Aanbookhaireni Municipality Office, in the presence of the Bidder's representatives who choose to attend at 13:00 hour on the last day (2073/10/08) of submission of bid. Non-attendance of any or all of the Bidders' representatives shall not hinder the opening of the bids.
5. The bid must be accompanied by Original Voucher of Bid security as stated in the table below for each contract deposited
at Nepal Bank Limited, Damauli Branch, Tanahun in deposit account no. 06003000000003000007. Bids and Bid security shall be valid for the periods as mentioned in the table below from the deadline for bid submission.
6. The Bidders are invited to participate in the pre-bid meeting to be held at Aanbookhaireni Municipality Office,Tanahun 2073/09/29 at 12:30 hour. If the date falls on government holiday, then this event will take place at the bid same time on the next working day.
7. If the last date of purchasing of Bidding Documents falls on public holiday, the bidding document can be purchased on the
following working day and submitted on the subsequent working day at the same time and place stated above. Similarly, if the last day of bid submission falls on public holiday, the bids shall be submitted up to 12:00 hours of the next working day. In such case the bid security validity shall be recognized with affect from the original bid submission deadline.
8. Bidders are advised to visit the site and assess the actual site condition before submitting the bids at their own cost.
9. Bidders can bid as a single contractor or in the form of Joint Venture of maximum of three contracting firms. 10. Any information otherwise stated in this notice will be as per public procurement Act, 2063 (1st Amendment 2073) & Public
Procurement Rules 2064.

No. Contract ID No. Road Name Cost of Bid Document (Non-refundable) Bid Validity Period Bid Security
Amount Validity Period
1 AKM/02/073/074 Baradi Girinchour motar marga(from CH 0+000 to CH 01+270 Km. NRs 1000.00 120 days ( 22nd June 2017) NRs. 1,30,000.00 Up to 22nd July 2017
2 AKM/03/073/074 Markichook Kudule motar marga(from CH 0+000 to CH 0+756 Km. NRs 1000.00 120 days ( 22nd June 2017) NRs. 1,30,000.00 Up to 22nd July 2017
3 AKM/04/073/074 Construction Of Compound Wall, Gate, Parking, Truss etc along Aanbookhaireni Municipality Office. NRs 1000.00 120 days ( 22nd June 2017) NRs. 29,000.00

Up to 22nd July 2017
Durga Thapa
Executive Officer

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